A  bunch of the most active members of NAPO (National
Association of Professional Organizers) recently shared their
favorite applications — apps — for smartphones (iPhone, Droid,

The following 10 apps are worth checking out if you want to
boost your personal productivity and get the most out of your
phone. All of these applications are free or have a small charge
for a basic account.

Evernote: I learned about Evernote at an
advanced seminar for David Allen acolytes. It sounded too good to
be true, but I’ve been hearing that it lives up to the hype.
Evernote helps you capture everything — handwritten notes, typed
memos, a photo — and organizes it for you so that you can find all
the little loose threads quickly and easily. It also synchronizes
to your phone, computer and the web. evernote.com.

Drop Box: A free and easy way to make your
documents and photos available on any device you use that has an
internet connection. If you travel and want your files with you on
your phone, this is a great solution. Dropbox.com.

Mint: Available at mint.com, this application
is packed with money-managing features and is a great way to keep a
mobile budget.

Lose It!: For easy tracking of your weight
goals, Lose It! is a winner. It offers an easy way to track
calories in (food) and out (exercise) and has a motivating little
grid showing any gains and losses on the scale. loseit.com.

Parking: For those of you who spend time in
cities, the Parking app is a good one to have to save time and ease
tension. Not every city is available, but nearly all of the major
ones are up and running. Find parking sites, costs and
availability. It will even tell you when your meter is running low
and will guide you to your car if you forgot where you parked.

Inrix Traffic: Unexpected traffic delays can
really undermine punctuality and productivity. This application
gives you real- time traffic updates and ways to get around
accidents and snarls. inrixtraffic.com.

Kayak: For travel, Kayak allows you to search
flights and hotels to compare the best prices out there. Its motto
is, “Search one and done.” Kayak saves your preferences and is easy
to use. This app won the “People’s Voice Winner” for Best Mobile
Travel Offering at the 2011 Webbys. Kayak.com.

CardMunch: More specific than Evernote, this
app transcribes information from business cards. If you, like many
of my clients, get overwhelmed with business cards you’ve picked up
or been given, this might be for you. cardmunch.com.

Remember the Milk: This application is a great
way to organize your daily to-do list for all you list-makers out
there. A lot of my clients have trouble keeping track of their
paper lists, so this is a nice paperless option.

Gas Buddy: Find the cheapest gas nearby.


I can’t resist adding an 11th app, one that recently amazed me
in when I used it for the first time in New York last week:
Fandango. This is a must-have for movie lovers. It finds your
location, identifies nearby theaters and gives you show times and
directions. You can even purchase advance tickets. My friend and I
found a showing of “Midnight in Paris” two blocks away from our
hotel on Park Avenue South. Good thing, since every showing here at
the Cameo has been sold out. fandango.com.