For those of you who love beauty products, can never have enough eye shadows and have an involved routine, there are plenty of ways to minimize a bit with use of some strategic planning and insider cosmetic intelligence. I interviewed Sara Chappellet, owner of Heaven + Earth, a beauty store and salon in St. Helena, for her expertise on the subject.

Angela Hoxsey: Sara, one of the things I see a lot in my clients’ bathrooms is a counter full of bottles and jars, along with drawers jammed full of more of the same. How would you streamline a client’s routine to just a few key products?

Sara Chappellet: Murad is my all-time favorite line for dramatic results. Their products break down into three steps: cleanse/tone, treat/repair and hydrate/protect. So for big results you can get by with four or five products.

AH: What about hair? Yours always looks amazing.

SC: Thanks! Here’s what I do. I’m in love with Okara Active Lights shampoo, conditioner and serum by Rene Furterer. I also have to include a plug for Furterer’s Complex 5, which is an essential oil that is a pre- shampoo treatment. It helps other products get in and work 10 times better and helps hair grow fast and strong.

I don’t blow dry daily — I do a really good blow out when I wash my hair, then put a few curls in it. Volumea Volumizing Conditioning Spray is crucial for me to make my blow out last. Spray it on towel-dried hair, then blow dry most of the wetness out and blow out the rest of the dampness using the time saving Wet Brush by JNV, which is awesome. Finish with Moroccan Oil treatment for shine and separation. After that I can go two or three days and just refresh with Bumble and Bumble tonic spray to work out the kinks.

AH: That doesn’t sound very streamlined!

SC: That only takes me 20 minutes, and then the second day it takes me five, and the third day I’ll put it up in a twist in two seconds.

AH: Does dry shampoo really work?

SC: Absolutely! It absorbs oil and odor and some even give add volume. My favorite is Enjoy Volumizing, but Rene Fureter Naturia is our store favorite overall.

AH: Let’s talk about make-up. How many eye shadows does one woman need?

SC: I’d say four if you want to be minimal. One can double as liner shadow. For some looks you might just want one neutral color over the whole lid, and for dressier occasions you can add more colors to the different parts of the lid.

AH: Does make-up really go “bad”? When do you decide to toss a product?

SC: If I haven’t worn it for over a year or if it looks or smells funky.

AH: Describe an orderly morning routine.

SC: Shower with a shower cap and wash your face, put hair in a French twist, apply facial serum and cream, then use the Balm Shelter, a sheer tinted moisturizer with sunscreen in it. Add mascara and lip gloss. Total time, 15-20 minutes.

AH: What would you add if you were doing it in the evening, for a special night out?

SC: Dramatic eye makeup and blush, which could add another six minutes or less.

AH: You’re so great about steering me towards products that will really make a difference for me, for example, Bare Minerals powder was life changing, especially the travel version, which I keep in my car for touch-ups. Do you have a latest-greatest product you are excited about?

SC: Yes. Miracle Skin Transformer, it’s a beauty balm, which is commonly called BB cream, very hot in the market right now because it’s such an all-in-one.

AH: When Audrey Hepburn was asked what beauty products she could live without, she said she needed all of it. I always loved her for not answering, “Oh, you know, I walk out the door with just mascara and lip gloss.” I mean, she gave me hope that yes, it takes work!

SC: Dolly Parton says, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap,” and I say, “It takes a lot of products to look this natural.”

Heaven + Earth is located at 1317 Main Street in St. Helena, 707-963-1124. Check out their Thrifty Thursdays: Buy three products and get a fourth of equal or lesser value free.