One of the best things about getting organized is the beauty that can be created once the slate is cleared. A cleaned out, decluttered house is like having a blank canvas or a brand new tablet to draw and paint on. Not only can you find everything you need, but you can much more easily choose items to display and start to enjoy your possessions like never before.

One of my favorite places to create unexpected displays is the closet. When I work with a client and we purge and organize shoes and clothing, of course we address the hangers and try to get them to match. We colorize the clothing and make sure there is plenty of illumination. We get as much up off the floor as possible.

At this point the closet already looks fresh and bright, and if the client loves color, there’s a rainbow of clothing that is so fun to look at. Now there is an additional opportunity to create extra spots of beauty. A newly empty shelf might showcase a favorite pair of shoes and matching bag. There might now be room to display jewelry on a tray and a mirror for trying things on. You might want to put up a bulletin board to pin up fashion inspiration.

In the kitchen, cleared counters are wonderful to make prepping meals easier. You can choose whether or not to display a favorite bowl filled with bright lemons or an interesting vase full of fresh flowers without cluttering things up.

A dining room table with absolutely nothing on it is somehow so relaxing for the mind. In fact, many people eat in front of the tv or elsewhere because the dining room table is a daunting mess of craft projects or bills, mail and papers. Once that stuff is organized and the table is cleared, setting it for meals is nearly effortless.

You also might get inspired to create interesting, seasonally appropriate centerpieces. If there are young children in the home, they will probably love contributing to these. You’ve recently purged and organized your collectibles; which keepsakes could you incorporate into a centerpiece? Are there interesting herbs or flowers in the yard that you could clip and put in some of those antique Ball jars? Could the kids add some of their holiday or seasonal crafts?

Bookcases are another great spot to add unexpected visual interest. Once you purge through your books, use some of the empty spots on the shelves to display favorite sculptural items such as vases, tea pots, baskets and natural elements like rocks, pinecones or shells.

It’s a little ironic that once you declutter you can add back some (technically) clutter but the difference is the intention behind the objects. Clutter is messy and thoughtless—usually there was no intention, things just got out of control. Decluttering selects the best (most beautiful or useful) stuff and organizes it. Then you can add things back in a thoughtful way. That is the secret to turning what was cluttered into a visually delightful tableau.