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With Angela, what is daunting becomes doable. Angela is a gifted ally who helps make freeing up space and clearing out old stuff a relatively easy task. She is both motivating and knowledgable, to the point that it seems we mostly need to sort through some things, make decisions, and the rest flows. She helps us accomplish in a few hours what might take us days to muddle through on our own. We find that after working with Angela we have established more inner space to hold the new that seeks to enter our lives.

Xavier Eikerenkoetter, Napa, CA

“Angela Hoxsey helped me move from a 10,000 square foot house to a 3,000 square foot house. I could not have done it without her. She is professional, extremely organized, fast in thinking and action, wonderful to work with. While I still think that moving is the pits, she tackled it with intelligence and experience.”

Margrit Mondavi, Napa, CA

“Angela is a mighty taskmaster, at once resolute, yet compassionate. She is by my side urging me to make good decisions, helping me to be objective about inanimate objects. Much like Michelangelo felt he was freeing the forms that were already inside the stone, Angela simply chipped away all that was not a part of me.”

Finola Hughes, actress/director, Los Angeles, CA

“Angela was integral to our on-site organization, prior to a major anniversary year at Robert Mondavi Winery. She seamlessly went through our closets, attic spaces and every imaginable bin. Thanks to her familiarity with Margrit Mondavi and her understanding of the wine industry, she was able to work very self-sufficiently and brought our attention to items of the utmost importance. Despite some end of year budget constraints, she was able to work without our parameters and still keep our records up to date with over 50 years of material. Angela is a God send!”
Sally Campion, Robert Mondavi Winery

“Angela Hoxsey is an organizational maven. She is fast, efficient and a pleasure to work with. Angela makes getting and staying organized easy with her helpful tips, tricks and knowledge of organizational products. I hired Angela to help me prior to and after a large home remodel. She helped me to declutter, purge and organize multiple rooms in my home. I loved working with Angela, she helped me streamline my home and I enjoy the organizational benefits everyday! ”

Susanne Hudson, Napa, CA

Angela is laser focused but sensitive to her clients’ emotions around “stuff. “  She’s a speed demon and moves with efficiency and grace. She is no nonsense, wastes not one moment of time and his constantly thinking ahead to maximize the best use of her time and your funds.

I have used her multiple times including having her help me with my parent’s home.  What she can accomplish, especially when working side by side is astounding.   

Don’t forget to take a before picture. She’s often so excited about getting started that we didn’t get the “before”,  but the “after” is always impressive.

Shelby Scarborough, author and government protocol expert, Danville, CA

I’m thrilled with what you helped create. It totally blows my mind how quickly you work and I love your thought process. Fantastic!!

Dona Bonick, Kopol Bonick Photography, Napa CA

“Angela is a gift. I have referred her to countless people; all have been thrilled with her and her work. Angela has helped me prior to, and during a major move into a new home, and since then for smaller projects as well. Each time, working with her has been a joy. She is hard working, caring; and a delight to spend time with.”
Meredith Levy, San Francisco, CA

“Like Tom’s mother used to say, ‘You’re a god-damned jewel!'”
Nancy Seaver, Calistoga, CA

“Angela is combination of compassion and fierceness, helping you remove obstacles so that you can be effective in your work and happy in your life.”
Patrice Wynne, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“Angela is all action as she transforms
a disorganized space into a beautiful, functional and enriching environment.”
Melinda Kearney, St. Helena, CA

“Angela’s unflagging energy, orderly mind, and organizational experience shrunk the process of getting ready for a renovation from three painful weekends to an easy day and a half. Since we had extra hours at the end of the second session, she helped me get my basement into the kind of order I never dreamed possible. She is a kind, thoughtful person who really knows what she’s doing. I cannot recommend her too highly.”
Carey Lifschultz, San Francisco, CA

“Angela with her incredible organizational skills came into my home and without getting rid of anything made the tiny kitchen and the insufficient closets WORK! I wake up in the morning and open my tiny closet and can easily pick out an outfit because somehow Angela knew just how to make my closet organization totally intuitive. My laundry room is a dream to work in because of Angela too….”
Lindsey Wiseman, St. Helena, CA

“Angela worked with my husband and I to organize our entire house and garage. Before she came into our lives I felt like my house was closing in on me. Now I feel like I can breathe again. She worked with us efficiently and effectively to remove the clutter and bring organization where it was needed most. She has certainly changed our lives for the better.”
Kim Schmid de Sieyes, Napa, CA

“Angela is combination of compassion and fierceness, helping you remove obstacles so that you can be effective in your work and happy in your life.”
Patrice Wynne, San Miguel de Allende, MEX

“With her positive approach, Angela Hoxsey kept me motivated to undertake an otherwise overwhelming room. She’s the whole package! We transformed my downstairs room and now it’s a snap to keep it that way!”
Sara Chappellet, St. Helena, CA

“We thought we needed more storage and new office furniture, but Ms. Hoxsey streamlined the office and our existing storage and we actually have plenty of room. Everything is clearly labeled and easy to find and use. Our docents and volunteers love it!”
The Natural History Museum, Santa Maria

“Angela identified changes in my living room, that while simple, made a huge impact on how the room looks and feels. By using items I already own, Angela created a space that was more comfortable, more polished and is a joy to walk into.”
Anne Goodrich, Calistoga, CA

“You have no idea how good I feel after getting all that work done in my office yesterday. Emotionally, physically and also the experience of more beauty in my home. It was “spiraling-down” energy and now it’s spiraling up. What a gift! I keep wanting to walk by the room and take a deep breath and sigh.”
Jill Hoff, Calistoga Pilates

“My wife and I have utilized Angela Hoxsey’s gift for organizing in several areas of our home and home office. She is punctual, hard-working and efficient, yet warm and easy-going. We have been more than satisfied every time.”
Paul Justison, Oakland, CA

“Angela has an amazing ability to help a person sort through and discard things that have personal emotional attachment but that are no longer a necessity in one’s life. She does this in a kind and compassionate way. The end result is a feeling of lightness and freedom which is very energizing!”
Mary O'Leary, St. Helena, CA

“In addition to decluttering and organizing our home in general, for $600 we got a whole room! We have a guest room now and the grandparents have slept over a few times. My daughter snuggling with my mom on Saturday morning while I sleep is priceless. Your work improved our home and our lives. The house was orderly and the Christmas decorations were up; that could have NEVER happened without our work together.”
Simone Morin, Sacramento, CA

“Angela has a nonjudgmental way of organizing and editing things. She can shift the paralyzing and overwhelming feelings that can accompany moving the energy of stuff we have collected. What a great person to stay neutral and on track to get the job done!”
Shakti Kennedy, stylist, San Francisco, CA

“I can totally trust Angela’s taste and rely on her honesty about what’s working and what’s not with regards to my wardrobe. That said, she is always respectful—if I say I want to keep something, she respects my wishes…”
T. Beller, Napa, CA

“Have you ever accidentally run across someone who just COMPLETELY changed your every day life for the better? And you couldn’t imagine your life without them? That’s how I feel about Angela.

Angela came into my fairly organized but slightly hectic life completely by chance. I wasn’t looking for anyone to help me organize or streamline my life because I didn’t really think I NEEDED it. And just in the same way that she seemed to just quietly float into my life, she helped me with such kindess, grace and ease.”

Lindsey Wiseman, St. Helena, CA

“Angela has a real gift for seeing what needs to be done and pulling it all together. I have worked with many organizers in the past, but none as efficient and focused as she. From my office to the garage, Angela has helped create a system that works for the long term!”
Karen Schuppert, Napa, CA

“Whether you are prone to chaos, pretty organized yourself, or a combination of both, Angela Hoxsey can help you bring order to your home. Yes, you could do it yourself, but most of us have so many competing demands on our time that organizing tasks easily fall by the wayside. Angela has brought her professional touch to my home, demonstrating every time the lasting value of an expert.”
Karen Saeger, Ph.D., Berkeley, CA

Angela is such a pleasure to work with. She is organized, professional and hardworking! She approaches each project with thoughtful ideas and unique ways to make your life easier. We are very grateful for her relationship as it has brought more comfort to our lives. We highly recommend Angela and will definitely utilize her services again and again.

Frances Kahn, Napa, CA

Angela helped us organize and declutter when I was pregnant to prepare for our second child. Four years later when it was really time to purge again, she helped us organize our office, both kids’ rooms, our garage, drawers, cupboards, closets & files.  Angela really helps you purge in a positive way and the feeling after we are done is always pure satisfaction. I love going back and taking pictures and looking at what we have accomplished.

Ashley Hepworth, St. Helena, CA

“With Angela, things that once seemed impossible became possible. She was there like a compassionate but firm friend as we considered each thing and made decisions. Her help made stressful times like Covid, a big job transition and the holidays so much easier. Tax forms? Here you go. Nutmeg? Right here.

Its so nice not to be constantly fighting that same cluttered cabinet or counter anymore. Having Angela here helped us all grow as people and took a lot of pressure off of our family. I’m so grateful for her efforts and feel like I made a trusted friend.”

Megan Reeves, Napa, CA

“Angela is, quite simply, a force of nature. She cleaned out and organized our stuffed, messy garage in less than 8 hours. This included hiring men to haul away trash and donations. We were stunned and still go to the tidy garage to gaze in amazement. We recommend Angela unequivocally and she has since organized every room in our house. She is the epitome of professionalism and a whirlwind of energy. Worth every penny and more!.”
Bob & Lynn Lieber, St. Helena, CA

“My time with Angela has been SO worthwhile. She can create order out of chaos and has converted my big messy office into a streamlined, free-flowing and no-longer-anxiety-producing part of my world. What did I ever do before she came into my life?!”
Beth Nickel, Proprietress, Far Niente Winery

“I’ve worked with Angela for many years and after each session I am amazed and thrilled by what she and I can accomplish. Her ever-positive outlook is contagious and although I will never attain anything remotely close to her perfection, I never feel judged for what she inevitably comes across in my office, garage, closets, etc. She has super powers to transform an otherwise impossible, overwhelming environment to one of organized calm and joy.”
Jennifer Becker, Santa Rosa, CA

“There is now a huge divide in my life; there is my Pre-Angela Era and my Post-Angela Era. What she can do in a few short hours would have taken me months, years, decades to accomplish. She is worth every last penny you will pay her. Miraculously I have been able to maintain the order because her system is so easy!”
Hilary Wendel, Napa, CA

“You can’t expect moving to be a pleasant experience but Angela came to my San Francisco residence and assessed what we should keep or discard until my new home was furnished down to a lemon squeezer! I was not present for most of the transition and arrived to find everything in its place better than I would have done myself. I could not recommend her more highly–she makes the process almost enjoyable!”
Lyndsey Harrison, St. Helena, CA

“When Angela is finished with a day of organizing I feel 10 lbs. lighter, 10 years younger and 10 times freer.”
Sharon Gillin, Piedmont, CA

“I can see my future! Angela has transformed my studio in San Miguel de Allende as well as my home in San Francisco and given me the tools to maintain them.”
Masako Takahashi, artist

“Before working with Angela I had a somewhat chaotic office and home. She got me organized with repeatable systems I could apply on my own in record time. If you need help getting and keeping your physical space together, there’s no one better than Angela!”
Christine Comaford, Corte Madera, CA

“We heard about Angela from a good friend who sang her praises. We were getting ready to move and felt utterly overwhelmed. Angela saved the day and maybe even our marriage! She’s respectful, thoughtful, funny and smart. And works as hard as anyone we’ve ever seen. When Angela walked in the door we knew immediately that we’d made the right call.”
Sue Swanson & Lisa Thomas, Napa, CA

“Angela was so good helping me LOVE living in my new home that I hired her to help me with a couple homes in our family that had been collecting things over the last 50 years. What was a house full of storage is now a beautiful guest home again. THANK YOU ANGELA for giving my back so much control of my life and giving so many of our family treasures another life!”
Lindsey Wiseman, St. Helena, CA

“Efficient, cheerful, effective, attractive, Angela makes it easier to let go of things you think you have an attachment to. Wouldn’t use anyone else!!!”
Cathy Stocker, St. Helena, CA

“Angela Hoxsey was the best referral that I have ever gotten. Needing to get my house ready to sell and declutter the 20 years worth of accumulation was no easy task. She was fast, efficient and a joy to work with. The best part of working with her was her cheerful yet no nonsense way of getting you to decide ‘keep, trash or donate’. . . Love it!”
Cherie Melka, St. Helena, CA

“I love working with Angela, she has great ideas and gets the job done quickly. In our process together she helped me with decorating ideas that created better feng shui in my home and office. Angela went above and beyond the call of duty; I highly recommend her!”
Jill Hoff, Calistoga, CA

“You can smell the sanity. Angela is worth her weight in diamonds.”
Masako Takahashi, San Francisco, CA

“Over the years, I have had an overwhelming problem—primarily with paper clutter. Angela is very encouraging and positive and she did not require me to get rid of anything until I was ready. Her organizational methods are easy to understand and to implement, especially with the tools that she supplies. My life finally is becoming mine again!”
Suanne Inman, Orinda, CA

“Working with Angela to get my “house in order” has been better than any therapy that I could imagine. Removing all of those many tangible things that have cluttered up my home, personal space and even my heart and mind…. those things that are no longer needed…. brings new life to our home and to my spirit. Each appointment has been so uplifting. She doesn’t argue, she just keeps working at my pace to gently help me remove what is no longer needed and bring space for freedom.”
Cathy E, Napa, CA

“Angela whipped my whole apartment
into shape, but I especially love how she handled organizing my 9 year-old son’s room. She was so thoughtful about what he would like and involved him in the process. He was thrilled!”
Liza Clark, Santa Rosa, CA

“I want to let you know how fabulous
the office is and how much I love the flow of your organization. I so enjoyed organizing with you, it was so easy to let go of a bunch of stuff that’s been sitting around for years.”
Ulrika Engman, Calistoga, CA

“It was a delight to work with Angela!
Her organizational skills, diligence, patience and kindness make her an amazing professional.”
Judith Caldwell, Yountville, CA

“When you are a two-person marketing team running a two hundred-thousand case plus wine business out of a tiny Napa Bungalow, things tend to pile up. Angela helped us get it together with patience, grace and style. Her easy organizing systems allows us to maintain our sanity!”

MaryAnn VanGrin, Napa, CA

“For more than one year, I was paralyzed by the mess in a room I wanted to turn into a home office. Energetic Angela came in with focus and in her unbiased way, made the de-clutter process totally painless. She is no-nonsense, but tons of fun! In less than four hours, the room was transformed.”
Kim Beller, Napa, CA

“Angela is always thinking about my organizing issues and often sends suggestions and helpful advice and ideas, even when she is not physically on the job with me. She comes up with unique solutions completely customized to my business, home and personal style—things that I never would have thought of on my own…”
T. Beller, Napa, CA

“I have a lot of “stuff”, and Angela has always been non-judgmental about my collections, while helping me to make smart decisions about how to lose things that I do not need. I value her wisdom, her experience and her perspective. She is a joy to work with, I look forward to our time together and dread to think what my home, closet, garage, life would look like without her expert guidance!”
T. Beller, Verve Napa Valley

“Angela took me from panic, and an overwhelming moving experience, to an organized new home. She is a pleasure to work with, has lots of energy, while always maintaining a positive attitude. I think she is “THE BEST”!!!”
Sheila Sosnow, Piedmont, CA

“We spent four hours organizing an enormous amount of paperwork and I feel like I just got a massage.”
Joanne Maher, St. Helena, CA

“Angela is an absolute professional and has helped me declutter my life gracefully. From start to finish she is first class in every way. She waved her magic wand through my house and I was beyond impressed with her skill at teaching me to efficiently tidy my rooms.If you need help staying focused at the task at hand, Angela is the right person for the job.”

Michelle Wagner, realtor, St. Helena, CA

“Angela exceeded my expectations!”

Ray Chadwick, St. Helena, CA

“Our experience with Angela has been quite remarkable. Over the years, including several cross-country moves, we accumulated a vast excess of often duplicative belongings. 

Balancing the conflict between sentimental and practical considerations proved to be beyond us. 

In this setting Angela arrived with a level of energy and expertise that efficiently resolved our issues. The results were beyond our expectations. The ambience of our home has been elevated and our stress levels reduced with the removal of clutter and reorganization. 

Angela’s talent is unique and her bubbly positive personality is infectious. We cannot recommend her highly enough.” 

Dr. Bernard and Bojuana Wilcosky, Napa, CA

Angela was prompt, incredibly efficient and most importantly, totally non judgmental.  I can’t believe how much she helped us get done in a mere 3 hours–our kitchen and pantry are transformed through her creative use of space and identifying organizational tools we didn’t even know we had! Highly recommend her for any projects, big and small. 

Rachel Stern, Napa, CA