organizing stylist

"Angela Hoxsey helped me move from a 10,000 square foot house to a 3,000 square foot house. I could not have done it without her. She is professional, extremely organized, fast in thinking and action, wonderful to work with. While I still think that moving is the pits, she tackled it with intelligence and experience."

- Margrit Mondavi, Napa, CA

"Angela is a mighty taskmaster, at once resolute, yet compassionate. She is by my side urging me to make good decisions, helping me to be objective about inanimate objects. Much like Michelangelo felt he was freeing the forms that were already inside the stone, Angela simply chipped away all that was not a part of me."

- Finola Hughes, actress/director

“You can't expect moving to be a pleasant experience but Angela came to my San Francisco residence and assessed what we should keep or discard until my new home was furnished down to a lemon squeezer... I could not recommend her more highly - she makes the process almost enjoyable!”

- Lyndsey Harrison, St. Helena, CA

“Like Tom's mother used to say, "You're a god-damned jewel!"

- Nancy Seaver, Calistoga, CA

“Angela was integral to our on-site organization, prior to a major anniversary year at Robert Mondavi Winery. She seamlessly went through our closets, attic spaces and every imaginable bin... she was able to work without our parameters and still keep our records up to date with over 50 years of material. Angela is a God send!”

- Sally Campion, Robert Mondavi Winery

“Angela is, quite simply, a force of nature. She cleaned out and organized our stuffed, messy garage in less than 8 hours... We were stunned and still go to the tidy garage to gaze in amazement. We recommend Angela unequivocally... She is the epitome of professionalism and a whirlwind of energy. Worth every penny and more!”

- Bob and Lynn Lieber, St. Helena, CA

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