Get ready to greet the sunshine and flowers with interiors just as clean and bright.


Season of Order

Bring order to your life in Four Hours

In four hours we will:

  • Have a plan for continued success
  • Create a seasonal shift preparation checklist
  • Review your entire home or business top to bottom, identify projects and next actions
  • Handle any quick action items that have been hanging out for too long
  • Create a shopping list
  • Create an errands list
  • Begin at least one deep area of organizing such as: small closet, linen cupboard, several kitchen cupboards, bathroom cupboards, file cabinets, office surfaces, bedroom dressers

Summer sessions are available in August.

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Season of Style

Four Hour Personal Brand Makeover

In four hours we will:

  • Consider your personal style—your brand—from head to toe
  • Weed through and clean out the make-up drawer
  • Begin organizing the closet and dresser drawers*
  • Put together five complete outfits from your existing wardrobe
  • Photograph the outfits and put together to begin a Look Book that can be added to over time
  • Create a shopping list to fill in gaps
  • Create a list of grooming and other appointments to make
  • Create a consignment account and take up to 20 items to consignment
  • Take away items identified for donation (up to one car load) and obtain tax receipt
* Most closets will require at least one additional 3-4 hour hands-on organizing session.

Sorry Guys, Women Only

Pree-Fall/Winter sessions are available in August and September.

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