Adding an Extra Sense to Organizing!

Introduction to Using Aroma to Elevate Order

The sense of smell is a powerful and often neglected one. Engaging it can help to solidify new habits, make your space powerfully more positive and pleasant, and add that “je n’est sais quoi” to the beauty of your home. Close your eyes and inhale the serenity! If you are interested, we can:

  • Sniff through a variety of essential oils by doTerra (Fair Trade, amazingly pure products) to find your signature scent for the home. This can include blending scents, using a diffuser, etc.
  • Talk about using essential oils and chemical free cleaning products in the home for physical and mental health.
  • Set you up with your own account to purchase doTerra essential oils and cleaning products at wholesale prices. Or, if you prefer, you can order anything you like through me (at retail price).
  • A request for “A Scent of Order” to be part of your four hour hands-on session or needs assessment must be made with your appointment so that I can prepare the oils and information for you.

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