Clutter Clearing for Every Room
Clutter, from the word “to clot,” creates stuck, confused energy. To clear it out, Angela will help you sort through to find the treasures and purge items that no longer serve a purpose. Clutter clearing creates space for better, more relevant things and ideas to come into your life and is part of a solid foundation for achieving your goals.

Office OrganizationAngela uses David Allen’s Getting Things Done method for organizing and prioritizing paperwork. For more on David Allen, visit his website,

Closet Clean Outs
We try to work with the storage you’ve got as much as possible, but if a remodel is in order, we have the resources to get it done beautifully.

Wardrobe Makeovers
A reader of Seventeen magazine from age 12 (her sister says she didn’t read the magazines, she studied them), Angela is now a Vogue subscriber and fashion addict. “I’m more about style than trends,“ she says, and I can lend my eye to helping you find your best looks and consign or donate the rest.

Photo & Memorabilia
We can source archival quality containers perfectly suited to the items you cherish and want to protect. Angela will work with you on the tough decisions on whether to save, toss or donate, but the decision whether or not to keep a keepsake —or anything else —is always the client’s.

Kitchen & Pantry
Angela organizes kitchens using the Golden Triangle, which is the space from stove to sink to fridge. Declutter and re-systemize your kitchen and start cookin’!

Project Management
David Allen’s Getting Things Done method is used for House in Order project management. Learn to prioritize actions and accomplish your goals, one step at a time. Angela can also refer clients to wonderful certified personal or business coaches.

Time Management
Let’s talk about how you spend your time and how you’d rather be spending it. Together we can create a customized schedule for you to make the most of each walking hour without burnout.

Art Studios
If you’re an artist, wouldn’t you love to have your supplies clean, easy to reach and ready for the next project? Wouldn’t you love to have a tidy, organized studio to host prospective buyers? It IS possible! Angela thinks outside the box for unique solutions to artists’ storage needs.

Travel Packing
Taking a trip? Angela can help you pack for a wrinkle-free, worry-free arrival, be it business or pleasure. She can also help you organize your itinerary.

Moving & Relocation
The more organized you are before a move, the easier it is. House in Order can help you purge your old place, pack, unpack, organize your new space and much more.

Feng Shui
A basic overview of the bagua as it applies to your home or office is yours for the asking at any session. If you would like to incorporate feng shui cures and principles to your space, Angela can do that for you.

Writing & Editing
Does your business need an Operations Manual? Do you need help with a resume? Angela has been writing professionally since she graduated from Cal Poly SLO in 1989. She has edited several books and writes a bi-weekly newspaper column. She has experience in writing on a wide range of subjects and will handle your writing and editing needs with creativity, attention to detail and promptness.